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Table Observation Skills

The Guest Quality Checkback (GQC) is an important step in your ServPoints™ but is usually poorly timed, mishandled, or just forgotten by most servers.

GQC – Section 1 of 7: Table Observation Skills

The overall goal of the guest quality checkback is to guarantee that your guests are pleased with the quality and timing of the food and beverages that you serve them in the sequence of service. It’s advantageous to get in sync with your guests. During your first trips to the table be observant and a detective of sorts as you “get a read” on your guests. Here are some points to identify and learn about your guests:

  • How are the guests dressed? Business professional, casual, formal? (We know, it’s getting more difficult every day, but give it your best shot.)
  • Is this the guests’ first visit or have they dined with your restaurant before? What is the occasion for the meal? Is it a typical meal out or is it a special day for these guests.
  • What are the personalities, mindsets, and current moods of your guest? Are they happy? Are they quiet? Are they tired?
  • Read and evaluate your guests’ body language, facial expressions, pace of speech and tone of voice when they are speaking to you.
  • The knowledge you gain before and during your first table visit will assist you during the meal. It is critical to be alert and a good listener while on the floor. Take time and turn on your Restaurant Eyes™ and notice every detail about your guests, the table and everything in the surrounding station. Remember… every guest in the restaurant is your guest, not just those people in your section.

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