Happy customers and engaged employees are the foundation of any successful company. Is your business consistently delivering superior customer service? Are your employees satisfied with their work environment? It can be difficult to capture the feedback you need to answer those questions; many times people want to speak more freely—not in person—with the security that comes from anonymity.

At PerformanceScope, we help operators measure guest and employee satisfaction by gathering feedback and transforming that data into actionable insights that are easy for your organization to understand and act upon. Our proprietary systems monitor feedback in real time, providing the information necessary to immediately respond to complaints, comments, and inquiries. As hospitality experts with decades of experience in the industry, we understand the key factors that drive customer and employee satisfaction. Our approach will help you identify areas of opportunity and deliver targeted information to all levels of your organization - those that can act upon the insights. Want to learn more? Contact us today, or click here to try PerformanceScope for free—it’s easy!

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Customer Experience

What are the key factors that drive customer satisfaction and guest loyalty for your organization? How do you hold managers and employees accountable for customer service? If you’re not sure about the answers to these questions, PerformanceScope is here to help! Through a simple approach of capturing cutomer feedback, we’re able to identify areas of opportunity and excellence. Our guest experience surveys deliver targeted information to all levels of your organization, including front-line managers. Use it to compare weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual trends, evaluate customer satisfaction across locations, compare to industry benchmarks and so much more!

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Employee Engagement

Your employees are your primary brand ambassadors and customer service representatives. Their engagement with their work determines not only their success at work, but also your success as a business. How do your employees feel about working for you? We can help you find out! A PerformanceScope employee engagement survey delivers the vital feedback your business needs to measure and manage employee engagement.

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Market Research

If you want to retain existing customers and grow your brand, you need a thorough understanding of your target market. What do your customers (existing and potential) think about your company, image, and products? How do they feel you stack up to your competitors? What are their demographics, and where are they interacting with your brand? When you partner with PerformanceScope, we make it easy to answer those questions and more. Using market research surveys, we help you access the information needed to gain a comprehensive view of your target market, allowing you to make more informed decisions.

How do you stack up against your competitors?

With PerformanceScope you will:

  • Capture customer and employee feedback
  • Review real-time analytics
  • Discover your business's strengths and weaknesses
  • Create the best customer and employee engagement
  • Improve your business
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Hear What Clients Are Saying

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"PerformanceScope has a simple, affordable way to quantify culture and measure our health on a consistent basis."

John Pepper, Founder, Boloco

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“We used PerformanceScope extensively at my former employer, so when I shifted to Del Pez I was well aware of the results PerformanceScope could bring to the table through their surveys and voice of the customer insights...”

Eric Wood, General Manager Del Pez Mexican Gastropub, Wilmington, DE

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“It is my pleasure to recommend Mark Netsch and PerformanceScope. In my 30+ years in the restaurant industry, PerformanceScope is by far the best company I have dealt with for measuring guest satisfaction. Mark and his team...”

Jay Ellis, District Partner Bravo Brio Restaurant Group