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Are guests slipping through the cracks at your organization? When it comes to guest feedback, silence is NOT golden. You either want guests to be singing your praises, or you want them telling you how to make things better. And you definitely don’t want to only find out how guests feel when they post online publicly about their recent disappointment.

PerformanceScope helps independent and small chain operators measure and manage guest experience at the highest level. Our plug-and-play Guest Feedback program captures critical comments, complaints, and inquiries in days, not months. With Guest Feedback, operators know how they are doing with guests in real time, and can take action to improve meaningful guest touchpoints and reduce lost guests. Interested to learn more? Contact PerformanceScope via phone or email, or click here for a free trial—it’s easy!

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How It Works

Guest Feedback identifies strengths and opportunities while opening the lines of communication between you and your guests. Because Guest Feedback is designed specifically for independent and small chain operators, most clients are collecting actionable guest feedback in days, with little if any setup costs.

  • Compare guest feedback to all locations, as well as industry scores
  • Capture customer comments for training and coaching
  • Capture guest email addresses for marketing

Guest Feedback program features:


Whether a customer has a good or bad experience, managers should respond as soon as possible; bad experiences need to be resolved promptly, and good experiences provide opportunities to show appreciation and reinforce the positive. As guests complete surveys, you’ll receive real-time alerts, creating opportunities for coaching and guest recovery. With PerformanceScope alerts, you’ll never miss another time-sensitive issue.


At the end of each month, key personnel at your business will receive a scorecard via email. Scorecards contain analytics your business can use to compare weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual trends. Use your monthly scorecard to compare guest experiences internally, as well as across locations and to national normative scores.


With PerformanceScope’s executive dashboard, you can access and distribute the information you need to improve your business anytime, anywhere. Our hierarchy-based online dashboard allows users to analyze trends over time and compare guest experience across locations.

Reporting & Analytics

Put insights in the hands of those who need them! PerformanceScope captures reliable guest feedback and transforms the data into comprehensive reports that are easy to interpret. Our reports span customer, employee, and market data to provide a comprehensive view of how it all works together.

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Try Guest Feedback for Free

PerformanceScope’s Guest Feedback program enables operators to listen to and learn from their guests in an easy and actionable way. Don’t spend thousands to set up a market research program that will take months to get started. With Guest Feedback, you’ll have the ability to start measuring guest experience within the first day of use. Contact PerformanceScope today to be considered for a free trial of the Guest Feedback program!

How do you stack up against your competitors?

With PerformanceScope you will:

  • Capture customer and employee feedback
  • Review real-time analytics
  • Discover your business's strengths and weaknesses
  • Create the best customer and employee engagement
  • Improve your business
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Hear What Clients Are Saying

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"PerformanceScope has a simple, affordable way to quantify culture and measure our health on a consistent basis."

John Pepper, Founder, Boloco

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“We used PerformanceScope extensively at my former employer, so when I shifted to Del Pez I was well aware of the results PerformanceScope could bring to the table through their surveys and voice of the customer insights...”

Eric Wood, General Manager Del Pez Mexican Gastropub, Wilmington, DE

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“It is my pleasure to recommend Mark Netsch and PerformanceScope. In my 30+ years in the restaurant industry, PerformanceScope is by far the best company I have dealt with for measuring guest satisfaction. Mark and his team...”

Jay Ellis, District Partner Bravo Brio Restaurant Group